My Tim Ho Wan Foodie Pilgrimage


No real foodie’s visit to Hong Kong is ever complete without a pilgrimage to Tim Ho Wan.Any real foodie would know about this place and would never leave Hong Kong without making that pilgrimage.

The husband and I did just that.

We recently took a family vacation to Hong Kong together with our li’l five-year-old and my parents-in-law. The little lady has been looking forward to the trip to  visit Hong Kong Disneyland. This being our second time in Hong Kong, we had other plans in mind. Hong Kong is a foodie’s haven and we were pretty excited to visit the Michelin Starred restaurant,  Tim Ho Wan. Overrated or not, it was on our itinerary.

First stop was their branch at the Hong Kong Station.

Fact is, we went to two of their restaurants in Hong Kong. Yes, indeed!

Tim Ho Wan is tremendously popular because of the highly-acclaimed, the most affordable Michelin Star restaurant in the world. It’s high quality dishes can average 12-18 HKD! That’s barely $2 for a Michelin Star dish!

This branch is on basement 2 of the IFC Mall. The dishes were priced slightly higher compared to the one in Mongkok.

You will not miss this place because you’ll see it packed and long cues outside. When we got there, I almost wanted to leave. I was given number 202 and they were still serving 76! That’s how absurdly long the cues were. Good thing I got to chitchat with some British backpackers. They told me to just get a takeout because it’s faster.  They instructed me  to tell the lady sitting on a table on the right side  that I wanted the English menu. I will be entertained faster.


So I did. I paid only about $7 USD for all my orders: 2 orders of their famous pork buns and the to-die-for shumai.


While waiting for my orders, I saw these men who seemed like they were doing some sort of a magic trick with their sleight-of-hand skills making the famous ha jiao (steamed fresh shrimp dumpling).

timhowancentral3It was still hot when we took a bite of the pork buns. Hubby and I were smiling in between bites. This is it! At one point, I probably thought I died and gone to pork buns heaven 🙂  Seriously!

However, it was not a new taste for our taste buds. The sweet crust on the bun reminded us pretty much of bread streusel sold in neighborhood bakeries in Cebu. Yes, it tasted like that but with a more sophisticated dough though. The savory pork filling reminded me of our Pork Asado in the Philippines. It tasted like that at first so we were smiling. But the more you bite into it, the more you are able to appreciate this very tempting, simply delicious buns. Be prepared to eat as many as you can stuff your tummies.


Will you look at that savory filling and that sweet crust that just melts in your mouth.


These were the pork dumplings that we tried. We had to go back and do another take out. Yes, it looks and tastes really close to the siomais here in my city but MORE. These were more stuffed and distinctly pork-tasting. It was not ground pork but big pieces of pork and shrimp wrapped. You will want seconds and thirds.


We went home smiling  with another takeout of the pork buns and the dumplings.

We finally made the first pilgrimage. There had to be a second…stay tuned for the Mong Kok Tim Ho Wan post.


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