Mary’s Crystal Green Wedding Cord


This wedding cord is not my usual order-pay-make-ship kind of wedding cord. It has a story. This was my first crystal green wedding cord that I made a few months back for a client from Canada. It took quite longer to finish this than I had anticipated. The crystals and other materials I had in mind were not readily available and I had to wait for it to be delivered to Cebu.

That and some family emergencies (God or the universe surely has his way of surprising us this year!) got this project on hold. I was very fortunate to have a very patient client who had foresight and ordered this months ahead of her wedding date. Thank you Mary for making me part of your special day.


I used good quality rondelles and teardrop crystals. It took me a while to find just the perfect beads and accents. If I used acrylics and just any green accents, I’d have finished this in a day or two but I will never be satisfied + I wouldn’t dare ship it to Canada. No way!

Here’s the thing: I make these wedding essentials first not to make money, but the opportunity to do what I love and that is creating and making something lovely – handmade. The money is icing on the cake. Also, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of my client’s special day and that in itself is a gift.


For weeks I hunted for green embellishments. I finally found a leather embellishment and some green, gold/light brown accents that I thought were perfect.

And because my client from Canada was very patient and kind, I thought it’d be just right to give her a discount and I did.  At the end of the day, it’s still the opportunity to be part of someone else’s special day and the opportunity to be creative. It’s a gift.

p.s. Thanks Mary for letting me do your wedding cord. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making them. Congratulations and best wishes. Please send me pictures of your big day.


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