Last-Minute DIY Projects


After a series of seven days of workshops, we capped off the orientation for the new hires with a really cool activity. It was a birthday party-inspired Culminating activity. Instead of the usual and very formal (and boring) activities to formally welcome them, we thought of doing this instead. However, we only had a couple of hours to set up and half a day to plan. What can you do with half a day of prep? Scramble 😉

I’ve been notorious for doing last-minute DIYs lately. I seem to find myself in situations that require me to be resourceful and efficient.

I thought of making some really easy DIY projects for this birthday party-themed activity:

1. Lollipop Topiary

2. Candy Tower



Since it was children’s party-inspired, we had candies, lollipops, cupcakes, etc. We used baking cups and filled it with lots of candies and arranged it on the Candy Tower. The Candy Tower was a very easy project and since it was made on the 11th hour, I had no choice but to use whatever was available in my craft supplies. I only had gift wrapping paper to cover the sides and bottom. Couldn’t even find my pinking shears so I just made crude scallops on the edges. But I think it came out pretty.


I had a lot of birthday party decorations sitting in my tiny craft room. This was strawberry shortcake and Dora themed-decorations that I bought from Party City in Baltimore. I kept them and was put to good use yesterday.

Our team did a really great job preparing everything from the AVP to the food, loots, decorations and our most awesome dance number (wink *wink).

The Paper Pompoms were very last-minute but tied everything together for the theme.

A birthday party won’t be complete without loot bags. It was a simple Dora paper bag that we cut to look like t-shirts and we had the participant’s faces on to a superhero caricature of themselves. How cool is that?

Who says office workshops and culminating activities have to be so boring?



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