Organizing Jewelry-making Tools with Vintage Tins


The husband’s law books has taken over the tiny craft / office room (sob! sob!). Thus, I find myself beading and crafting in any space I can find around the house. Sometimes in front of the TV, on the dining table most days or even outside the house in the late afternoons.  I have to carry my supplies all over the house and it’s a mess, to say the least.

Ok, I hate to admit this but I have become quite the craft supplies hoarder. Over the years, I’ve learned new and interesting crafts and have collected quite a number of craft supplies. They have in fact taken a life of their own with my craft organizers overflowing with stuff. Yikes!

Organizing and decorating has become a bit of a challenge. Recently, I’ve been looking for something to help me organize my jewelery-making pliers. I’ve seen a lot of inspirations on Pinterest and almost tried installing the magnetic knife strips but thought I didn’t want something permanent like that on the wall. The organizer racks or bench are very pricey online. Some retail as much as $300! it’s not only pricey, I’m not too keen on the industrial design of these racks. I wanted something I could carry around, but it has to be pretty.  It should be something that can be an organizer but pretty as a decoration as well (and not cost me $300!) .


Here’s my idea: Vintage-inspired Tins!

I like the versatility of these cans. I can use them as decorations and organizers all together.


What do you guys think? What other ideas can you think of to organize jewelry-making pliers?


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