Updating the Memory Box


I have about a week more to go before dragging myself back to work. I’m enjoying my summer vacation too much I  wonder if I could ever get the strength to wake up early again.

While on this long summer break, my diet seems to be in a bit of a vacation too. Yes, diet just went out the window  this entire break. I’ve been feeling kinda sluggish and thought I was pregnant. We’ve been trying and really praying for another baby…probably in God’s own time it will happen.

Not to feel too depressed about the whole thing, I took out my little girl’s memory box. It was actually the husband who insisted that we create a Memory Box for our five-year old.

When the husband was still trying to pursue me, he showed me an old heavy box full of stuff from his childhood. He even  had his school ID in kindergarten! He had pictures of his 4-year-old self making silly faces, an article from the newspaper with his picture and name on it as a contestant in a Spelling Bee Competition..precious, precious memories to last him a lifetime.

Looking at him with his memory box and smiling from ear-to-ear, I said to my single-ready-to-get-married self that I was going to marry this man with the memory box! Tee! Hee! He had me at ‘memory box’.

Please do’nt stop reading, I know it’s too cheesy and too over-the-top but I will stop getting too melodramatic. Trust me, it’ll get better in the next sentences.

Fast forward today, our little lady has her memory box too. We had actually changed it to a bigger and more sturdy box. We’ve kept her kindergarten class picture, her first school ID (too cute!) her pretty onesies when she was just 3 months old… Ah, so many keepsakes that bring smiles to our faces.

Memories to last us a lifetime.

Do you keep a Memory Box?


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