Lovely Five-Minute DIY Christening Gift


I’ve been away too long. Mama was home for a very short vacation and we had some family matters to attend to. But all is well. Crazy long days and still got to do some crafts and tried new recipes.

Yesterday was my niece’ Christening and I got her a diaper bag in dainty yellow and shoes for her tiny feet. But I wanted to make something handmade for her too.

I had no excuse not to make something handmade. I had a little bit of time to make one. A few minutes actually before I had to leave the house! What can you do with under five minutes that’s pretty for a baby girl?

I made last-minute DIY baby headbands. I’m sorry, I’m bad. I know! Pictures are not of good quality either. Just from instagram. I told you I was scrambling. My apologies.


One is a Felt headband. I hope it’s not obvious that I put them together just yesterday morning . This is one craft that you can literally do in five minutes!  You can check my tutorial here.


The other one is just a fabric flower that I put together the night before. I’ll try to put the tutorial of this fabric flower as soon as I can.

If you need some last minute DIY gift for little girls, you can easily follow the tutorial and your friends won’t know you put them together the night before.

P.S. If you’re from Cebu and don’t want to scramble like me, and don’t feel crafty, you can go ahead and email me about my handmade creations or send me a message on my facebook page Marryl’s Arts and Crafts.

Happy crafting!


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