How to Make Kids’ Hand Washing Easy + Giveaway


It’s summer in my part of the world and the little lady is always outside in the late afternoons, playing with her friends. Every so often you see her coming inside to wash her hands. She probably got used to being told in school to wash hands before eating or when they get dirty.  Also, hubby and I have taught her that the best way to keep from getting sick is to make sure her hands are kept clean at all times.

Lauren is getting bigger and heavier and it becomes a bit harder to pick her up to reach the faucet. We use a step stool to help her reach it. Even with the step stool, she may still have trouble reaching the water faucet. Also, the step stool is not portable. Whenever we go to the malls, it can get tricky. Lifting her with one hand, and washing her hands with the other. Most times, her shirt gets soiled and her hands not properly washed. It’s a mess!

I wondered if there was anything to solve this problem.


If you read my earlier post, I’ve recently discovered this wonderful online store, that sold hard-to-find items.  I was browsing through their products and found the answer to my problem – Aqueduck Faucet Extender. You just attach it to any faucet and the water streams out far enough for your little one to reach. It’s been designed to fit most bathroom taps. This not only promotes cleanliness to your little one, but also independence.

aqueduck-tap-gadget_may12The Giveaway has partnered with me to give one lucky reader of one a. (1) Aqueduck Faucet Extender. This retails for P780.00 but I’m giving this away for FREE.

b. Not only that, another lucky reader will get the chance to win Potty Covers which retails for P699.00.


The only OVERSIZED potty cover which provides maximum coverage by covering the sides and front of the toilet keeping hazardous bacteria away! Again this is for FREE. This contest is open to all Philippine residents only. Contest will start in a few minutes and will end on April 20, 2013.

Click HERE to join the Giveaway:

You will be taken to my Facebook Page for the Rafflecopter mechanics. All you have to do is just click the number + 5 Entry and register to You will get more chances of winning by clicking the other numbers and just follow the instructions.

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “How to Make Kids’ Hand Washing Easy + Giveaway

  1. i like the faucet extender but what i like most about their product is the breast pump..not to mention i am 26weeks pregnant right now and i’m kinda lookin’ for a breast pump that has this good that’s it…i think that would be perfect for me. 🙂


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