Babies to Toddlers Online Store + Giveaway

My little girl is growing up so fast. Too fast. She’s five years old and most days she’s like her Dad -the way she walks, talks and thinks. She’s even ambidextrous like Daddy. You should hear her talk about music and stuff my husband likes.

Some days she’s like my mini-me too, always busy making something from paper, candy wrappers and beads. When asked what she’s doing, she will tell you,  “I’m busy making something”.  Most days she finds me working on some orders or beaded wedding cords, or maybe sewing a wedding ring pillow or a necklace. She imitates me all the time. Those little things just warms my heart. Motherhood has definitely brought in so many beautiful surprises in my life.

It wasn’t too long ago when I was pregnant, a soon-to-be mom and very busy shopping for baby stuff. I only wanted the best for her and I was always checking online stores since the products sold locally were either of low quality or too expensive. I realized that there were a lot of products that weren’t even available here in Cebu or in the Philippines for that matter. Six years ago there wasn’t a lot of online retail stores selling hard-to-find items for babies or toddlers.

b2t flyer 2011 ver2b

Whether you’re new to parenthood or a veteran of the diaper-changing club, all parents know that raising a baby is not a simple matter. Fortunately, there’s an endless supply of toys, gadgets, and knick-knacks specifically made to make child-rearing just a bit easier. Question is, where do you find all these handy baby stuff? I’m pretty lucky I found one such place in cyberspace – It’s a one-stop shop for hard-to-find items for babies and toddlers.

Products of BTT was developed and run by Filipina entrepreneur Teresa Rufino who happen to have two babies of her own. I’ve always admired women entrepreneurs who have a vision and this woman took bold steps to address that need in the market. ( I, on the other hand, am still taking baby steps toward my dream craft store, however, my little online shop gives me an excuse to do more crafts and classes). Teresa, when asked about her online store shares that “ is a no-nonsense online retail store made for busy parents on the go.”

I do a lot of online shopping myself and I find the site simple and easy to navigate, with all the features of the latest online stores sans the clutter.  There’s a standard landing page, which immediately showcases the company’s latest offerings and promos with colorful pictures. To the right of the page, there’s a toolbar neatly categorizing all the products into different sections. Having trouble teaching your two-year-old how to potty? Check out the bath and potty section? Looking for the latest in baby couture?. Click on the button for clothes and accessories.  They’ve got everything you could want for your baby and then some.

Aside from variety, is also about convenience and reliability; featured on the landing page is the promise of free shipping within Metro Manila for purchases over a certain amount. And the site makes use of the nifty Pay Pal system ensuring safe and reliable online transactions. The site also features contact numbers for any customer concerns and a helpful FAQ page for newbies to Internet shopping.

The Giveaway

Great news for all the moms in the Philippines, has partnered with me and I’ll be giving away not just 1 but 2 products to two lucky readers of


1. Aqueduck Chldren’s Faucet Extender – helps kids reach the faucet’s water flow, making hand washing easy for our kids.

2. Potty Cover – the only oversized potty cover which provides maximum coverage by covering the sides and front of the toilet keeping hazardous bacteria away!


Click HERE to join the Giveaway:

You will be taken to my Facebook Page for the Rafflecopter mechanics. All you have to do is just click the number + 5 Entry and register to You will get more chances by clicking the other numbers and just follow the instructions.

Click here now.

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