Of Summers and Self-Discovery


Summer vacation has officially started for me (*happy dance*). School’s over  and I’m back to the things that I love to do: spending time with my five year old and my hubby. Of course, no school means having the luxury of time to work on some orders and do more craft projects and classes. Since I am forever the student, I usually attend classes as well.

Last summer, I enrolled in short courses in basic gumpasting, fondant, Italian bread-making, balloon art, etc. Oh how I enjoyed joining those classes. Oh and summer 2012 also meant checking off two of my bucket / life lists – I joined a sewing class and had my first ever sewing machine.

As an educator, I’ve always believed that learning is life-altering and leads to self-discovery. Thus, in our household, the husband and I and surprisingly the little girl is very much into it. We encourage each other to learn or discover something new we can do. The little girl learns to mop the floor and discovers she can help make the floor clean by doing it. If you’ve read my previous posts, last summer the husband recently had his Aha! Moment too. He left his good-paying corporate job and went to law school. Yes, we are a crazy happy bunch, alright! We are forever the students.

I, too had my clarity moment last 2009-2010 when I worked in the US. Until today, I seek for new things to learn. I guess that’s the reason why I don’t know why everyone’s crazy about this soap opera of a certain “Sir Chief”. I can’t seem to find time sitting in front of the TV watching Sir Chief when my craft supplies or my little girl is calling me to play with her/them. How can I? 🙂 (It’s summer so I guess I will have time to watch and swoon about Sir Chief and the pretty maid).

For moms, teens and all the women out there in Cebu, if you share my passion and want to discover your creativity, please come and join us for Beginner’s Bead Jewelry-Making Class on the 14th of April 2013, from 9:00 A – 5:00 PM.

Create your very own fashion jewelry by learning the fundamentals in stringing, looping, crimping to create your very own necklace, bracelet and earrings. Our Early Bird rate is 1, 599.00 only! When I joined a class a few years back, I paid almost P4,000 so this is really a very small investment compared to the class I joined.  The fee already includes all the materials, tools and lunch.

Please register online here.

For more details and other craft classes this summer, you may visit at Marryl’s Arts and Crafts Facebook page.


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