Cebu’s Best Kept Secret Place: Old English Home Decor Shop


Today was my last day at work and summer vacation has officially started for me! Goodbye lesson plans. Hello Mr. Sun, Sea, Travel, blogging, crafting and craft classes 🙂 Just writing that down makes me so excited, I can hardly contain myself (Tee! Hee!).

Right after work, I went to my favorite place for really pretty, country-inspired home decors. I wanted to check if the wooden mailboxes have arrived. They promised they will have some new stuff by the end of March. It hasn’t arrived yet I was told but there were new Bird cages on display. Too cute! Sorry guys for the low quality. It’s just on instagram.

I realized I haven’t posted anything about this secret place I frequent. For my dear readers from Cebu, you might think we don’t have shops in Cebu for hard-to-find things for self-proclaimed crafters, interior designers like you and me (operant word: self-proclaimed. No violent reactions necessary).

Yes we do have them, cute-artsy-little-shops-that-make-you-say-Oooh-Aaah-when-you-enter-you-want-to-buy-everything! That kind of shop 🙂 I know where to find them, the cheapest bead shops, cute little wrought iron bird cages that is way cheaper than the ones found in Ayala, jute twines, cheap fabric…Oh the list is endless. If you just look harder, they’re all waiting to be discovered. The fun is in discovering these places.

I don’t wantto spoil the fun by telling you where they are so I’ll let you in on the fun by letting you find these places yourself.

Get back to me when you’ve found it.

I got a better idea: Why don’t we start a new category here for Cebu’s Best Kept secret places (We’ll just change that when we come up with a better title) so everybody can join in the fun.

To my fellow Cebuanos, share your new discoveries here or on my twitter account: Marrylallwrite.



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