Adobe Develops Image Editing App That You Can Just Talk To

I have a confession to make: Photoshop is just beyond me. Sorry to disappoint you guys. When I use Photoshop, it feels like a funeral in my brain (same feeling with Math Argh!). Why can’t somebody  make it easier for me to just edit pictures the way I want it?

Please don’t ask me how I edit my pictures because I will lose my handful readers.

This afternoon, I stumbled upon articles from NBC, Gizmodo, etc. about this new App that Adobe is developing together with the University of Michigan.

“Say hello to PixelTone. .. according to a latest discovery by the University of Michigan School of Information Masters student Gierad Laput, who as part of an internship at Adobe, helped create PixelTone, a voice controlled imaging editing app. PixelTone was created as collaboration between Adobe Research and University of Michigan as a research prototype, and it’s set to be presented in May at the ACM CHI (Computer-Human Interaction) conference in Paris.”

Ok, STOP! Go back to that name..GIERAD LAPUT. That’s my brother! I Faced Time him (since he’s in Michigan and I’m the Philippines) a few minutes ago and asked if it was him. Half-asleep (12-hour difference) he laughed and mumbled “Yes”.

Folks, he developed an app for someone like me, where Photoshop is simply beyond me. But now, I hope they release it and let me test it first. If I can edit photos with it then it’s a good app for sure 🙂


2 thoughts on “Adobe Develops Image Editing App That You Can Just Talk To

  1. That’s so cool, not just the app but about your brother! 🙂
    So, when the app is released and you use it, and if it doesn’t do exactly as you wish, you can actually scream at it, ‘No, Gierad, not like that! Ano ba!’, hehe.


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