DIY Tote / Eco Bag


I’ve been pretty busy prepping for my two craft classes next month. Yes, craft classes 🙂 The husband always teases me about my being OC when preparing for something. I don’t listen to him. He teases me about a lot of things. Although, there might be some truth to it.

The past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about making my own box for the kits and then I thought about a tote. Of course, a tote would be perfect (until I come up with something else). I’ve been meaning to make those eco friendly totes that you see in the grocery.

If you’ve been bestfriends with the sewing machine for years, skip reading or just close your eyes. I’m just a newbie and it’s horrible, ahahaha! If you and I are on the same boat, read on.

This afternoon I took on this project. For a while, the sewing machine and I were not on speaking terms. Until I figured out it was my threading. Silly me. I’m rather new to sewing and the sewing machine and I were not properly introduced you see.

I bought the fabric at Curtains and Trims at SM City Cebu for only P30-35 / yard. They call it the non-woven fabric.

The tote I’m making is  a bit small since I’m making it for the kits I’m providing for the craft classes. The beads, tools or felt fabrics should fit perfectly in this tiny tote. You may adjust the size according to your preferred size.

For the body of the tote, I cut 2 pieces of 11 x 13 inches.

For the handle, I cut 2 pieces of 2 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches. For purposes of this tutorial I used different colors of fabric and thread although I think it came out pretty with the white and pink 🙂






Here’s the handle sewn and turned right side out.


Take 1 of the body pieces, folding the top about half an inch, sew one handle like so. This is how you should sew the handle. To sew it securely, I tried sewing it this way.


This was my first attempt so the first try, I didn’t do the square with an X.


Then sew the top like so. At this point, you may want to iron the fabric since it’s quite stiff. Please take note though to put another fabric, probably cotton would be best over this kind of fabric as it easily sticks to the flat iron even at its lowest heat.


DO the same with the other piece and sew them together.

Here’s my finished tote. Forgive me, it’s rather untidy as I was in a hurry to take pictures. Didn’t bother cutting the loose threads.

Please share your pictures if you’re making this.



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