Wedding Foot Jewelry


I love DIY Weddings and brides who take on the challenge to make their weddings extra special and unique. I too was a DIY bride six years ago and up to this day, I still think it was one of the happiest days for a self-proclaimed crafter like me.

Having my little online shop gives me a great excuse to craft. Seriously! It’s like doing my favorite pastime (Crafts & DIY) and get paid for doing it! BLISS. Not only that, I get an excuse to do some wedding accessories that is unique and creative. I get all sorts of requests from the moss-green wedding ring pillow to really cool and unique bouttonierres.

Last week, I was asked to do a wedding foot jewelry or some call it Toe Thongs. Yes, bling for the feet. I guess this is great for Beach-themed weddings or even for photo shoots.

I made a simple Foot Jewelry made of rhinestone and clear crystal beads. The bride wanted something inexpensive so I opted for those kinds of beads and chose the rhinestone to make it look more elegant but not pricey.

I would definitely try making these foot jewelry again using some wiring techniques and some swarovski crystals. That will definitely look stunning. Meantime, what do you think about my first attempt?

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