Arm Candies


It’s a beautiful rainy Tuesday afternoon in my part of the world. It’s this kind of weather that gets me excited and feeling a little creative. At least for today.

After so many views on my DIY Braided Suede Cord Tutorial, I’ve decided to make more and have been making lots more for friends who are craft-challenged ( or so they say). What began as a simple DIY braided cord bracelet has now grown to a collection of different bracelets that I use and have in fact sold some of them. Surprisingly, the rage on arm candies is still here.

Arm candies are stacks of bracelets in different colors and materials and if combined properly, will add an interesting focal point to your wardrobe. Not to mention, it’s super fun stacking them.

Here are some that I’ve made.

The bracelet above are three stacks of bracelets: Tiffany blue leather wrap bracelet with crystal studs, chunky gold chains and Chinese round turquoise beads.

The one below are also three stacks of Bracelets: Round Chinese Turquoise, chunky gold and silver spikes in white leather bracelet.


This bracelet below  are also three stacks of bracelets: Sunny Yellow satin cord intertwined chain bracelet with toggle closure. Silver Spikes in White leather and chunky gold bracelet.


This one is in royal blue  satin cord intertwined chain bracelet with toggle closure, chunky gold chains with toggle closure and earth-wrapped royal blue bracelet with toggle closure.


What do you guys think? Do you love arm candies? Can you share some pictures of your stacks?

If you’re from Cebu, you may check my work and classes here.


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