The Tara Charm Bracelets And A Secret Dream


The Tara Charm bracelets are almost done. Almost but not quite. I always have a day or two to check the crimp  beads if they are crimped well or maybe a loop that has to be secured, etc. before I ship them. Like this one, there’s one jump ring that is not quite closed. Can you see it?

I enjoy doing that =) weird, huh? Meticulous maybe but in a good way.  I also try if I have the luxury of time to take pictures before I ship them. Today, I was quite lazy and honestly too busy to take out the heavy camera. It’s the L lens that’s really weighing me down.

These are just taken from the iphone. The bracelet on top are customized orders for a gift or favor I believe. I made 4 of those. I loved those little ceramic squares that are like tiny tiles. It’s really easy to make when you know basic looping and crimping techniques. If you have these beads and some charms, jump rings, chains and a lobster lock, you can definitely make them in a few minutes.

I thought to have half of the bracelet with the ceramic beads and half of it with the silver chains with different charms. It gives more personality to the bracelet than just your usual stringing to the beading wire. The reason behind the name? Well, it’s funny but I name my creations after people I know or the person who orders it. In fact,  It’s easier that way. this particular bracelet I named after one of my six-year-old students. Yes, Tara is this pretty little girl in my class who is quiet and sweet at times but spunky most days 🙂


Do you remember the Melissa earrings I posted? Well, I got an inquiry for that. It wasn’t something I wanted to sell since it’s so simple and easy to make but I got an order for that as well. Just between you and me, but these are really easy to make when you know the basics in jewelry-making. There are plenty of tutorials online or you can just take classes at your nearest Michael’s. If you’re from Cebu, you may want to check out our Craft Classes where we offer different classes for different crafts. Stay tuned for another class coming up pretty soon. Just finalizing some schedules. This slow woman takes forever to even type 🙂

I realized that when you do something that you enjoy doing, sooner than you even expect it, you will start making money from it. Early on, I even make wedding cords for friends because I just love making them for FREE. That’s how it all started. Just a word of caution though for my clients: I take longer on some orders because I don’t work when I don’t feel like it. I mean, when I don’t feel the inspiration. Too cliche but holds true for me. I can’t just be stringing beads here and there. Doesn’t work that way for me. So please be gentle with me, hahaha!

The only thing keeping me from doing more of the things I love to do is — TIME 🙂

What do you love to do? What’s keeping you from doing it?

p.s. I got an email asking me about what I love doing and my dream? Well, this is it. I love crafting and teaching (nurturing young children especially my little princess)

My dream? To do both! I want to have my very own Craft Store  that sells craft supplies and offer classes where I help others discover their creativity like (Michaels) and I will name it Marryl’s!

Sshhh, that’s our secret 🙂

For now, it’s teaching young children and pay some bills 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Tara Charm Bracelets And A Secret Dream

  1. Extra time would be nice. When I do get it lately, I seem to be all thumbs or not enough of the same beads to make what I was planning. Kind of in a rut right now. Reading blog posts like this always gives me an extra ‘push’ to keep trying. 🙂
    Hope you get your store! 😉


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