Phoebe’s Cupcakery


I posted that picture on my Facebook and I got some comments from friends asking me where I got those cuppies that’s like calling to you “eat me”. (Click on the picture before you continue reading to enlarge it – it will call you :))

I completely forgot all about this. Here you go, ladies.

There’s this place where they serve the best crepes and French food in Cebu. I kid you not! I’m talking about Tymad Bistro over at Maria Luisa Road. Right across Tyamd is this quaint little place that always calls to me with its dainty logo that looks straight out of a Cricut machine. I’ve told my husband several times but he pretends he doesn’t hear me. Several weeks ago when we were having lunch at Tymad, I told him I’m just going across the street (wink*wink).


It’s Phoebe’s Cupcakery and it looks promising to me. As soon as I went inside, the sound of the windchime greets you. It felt like stepping into an Old English Country Home. Love, love, love! Why? Don’t forget my love affair with candle lanterns. I’m sold!


These crystal chandeliers are close to what I have at home, over our staircase 🙂


Didn’t I say the interiors looked like from an Old English country home?


I have most of the candle lanterns and other white decors they have except for that bicycle. I will come back for you, little bike =)


They have a wide variety of cupcakes and pastries.


If you get lucky, Phoebe is there making sure customers are enjoying her best-selling cupcakes like the Scarlette (red velvet) or my personal favorite, the Cinnabunny (must-try!).


I always say Love is in the details and down to their box, it speaks a lot about her passion.


Oh and their chocolate chip cookies were my little princess’ favorite. Look at that cookie 🙂


Don’t take my word for it, head on over to that quaint little place and experience Phoebe’s Cupcakery.

Pheobe’s Cupcakery, Paseo Saturnino Road in Maria Luisa. It is open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays to Sundays.


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