Our Family’s Gratitude Jar

gratitude jar

I saw a tweet last month about this ‘gratitude jar’ where you start the year with an empty jar and you fill it with notes of wonderful things that has happened all through out the year. Things that you are thankful for so that by the end of the year, you will have filled the jar. Read it on Christmas or New Year’s Eve and it will remind you of the many things you’re grateful for. It’s like counting your blessings, not the misfortunes. It’s our family’s gratitude jar that means the three of us can write down something wonderful that happened and we place it in the jar.

It’s a reminder for the three of us to live our life with love, joy, passion and purpose. That life is not about living for others or what they will have to say. However, it also is about going beyond selfish desires and becoming an inspiration to live a purposeful life. Our little princess goes to a Jesuit school and as young as five, they are taught the latin motto Ad Majoren Dei Gloriam and Magis. That in everything you do, strive for excellence by doing more to become MORE. Such big words really but that’s what everything boils down to, I guess.

If you’re wondering what are some of the things we wrote down, here are some:

1. Mommy – Today we had lunch with the the family and  with Papa. (My Dad is home from the US for a Christmas vacation and that day we had lunch buffet with one of my brothers and my 60 year old father, most of my cousins, uncles and aunts. The rest of my family are in the US. SO it was a good day!)

2. Daddy – I got the highest score for the Premidterm exams in Obligations and Contracts. (The husaband  is in law school)

3. Bea – I got excellent grades. ( My daughter’s report card showed excellent grades and we’re proud of her!)

Those are samples of what we write down and drop in the jar. As for our five-year-old daughter, she’s at the right age where she is learning to write beautifully, but she has to ask the spelling for most words.

I purposely placed it in our craft / study room because it’s like our second family room. We gather in that tiny room most days. Our little princess is always in that room getting our stuff especially papers. My hubby studies there everyday. I have my treasures there (no not my jewelries) – my jewelry-making tools, felt fabrics, other fabrics and my bead stash that has a life of their own now (wink! wink!).

What are you thankful for?


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