Craft Room Organizing Is Pure Madness

craft  room2012a

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted about how to go about organizing our little craft/office room. It’s a really tiny room where we have our computer, printer and our craft supplies. Ours because my hubby used to do scale modeling and so his air brush and acrylic paints are there along with my sewing, beads and all other craft supplies that seems like it has taken a life of its own. It’s pure madness!

This tiny room drives me crazy but the stuff that’s in there is where I get pure joy making and creating things. We decided to take it one corner at a time starting with the smaller stash of supplies. This photo was taken last month and it was a feat to have finally seen the wooden table surface coz I’ve forgotten how it looked like. There were always stuff on that table.


For those of you following me, you  know about my love affair with candle lanterns and I seem to have them all over the house now.

Suddenly, it’s not just craft supplies there. There’s an addition to this family – Law books! And lots of them just scattered everywhere. Urgh! That picture below was taken a few minutes ago. Madness!


Stay tuned for a post about that gratitude jar on the table. My five-year old daughter is telling me we need to have some tea / milk and brownies with all her Barbie dolls. There’s a tea party with the Barbies happening right about now =)


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