Korean BB Creams


I’m probably the last person on earth to hear about this craze on Korean BB creams. I actually heard about it from my good friend Agnes who swears by it.

For those of you like me who have not heard about the buzz, where have we been?

BB creams are Blemish Balms made popular by Korean actresses that promise to do wonders. When it got popular in the West, they referred to it as the Beauty Balm. It’s like make-up meets skin care as it promises beneficial skincare properties like whitening/lightening the skin, anti-ageing, SPF, healing blemishes etc.

I’m not really crazy about make-ups but I do want to try products every now and then. When I heard about BB creams being an all-in-one foundation, sun block and skin care, I ordered online to give it a try.


I ordered from Kimchijib two of the most popular Korean brands: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 and Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream. I paid P1, 135 including shipping. The seller even threw in a freebie for me which was a nice surprise when I opened the package.

The Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB cream says its for skin lightening, UV protection and anti-aging with SPF 45. The Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream has the same properties with SPF 42.


They have the same consistency which was a bit thick but very spreadable. Notice that the Skin 79 is lighter compared to Missha. Initially, I found the Missha BB cream to be darker when spread but after a few minutes it really just evens out on the skin. The coverage for the Missha was amazing while the Skin 79 blended well on my skin but with medium coverage.


The longer it stayed, the better it felt on my skin. I didn’t have that heavy greasy feeling at all. The same is true with Skin 79 and I felt the tint was just right.


I didn’t get a really good picture to compare after the application but I hope you can see the difference. I have little sun spots or whatever they are under my arms and after applying BB cream, some actually were covered. It evened out my skin and looked natural. It didn’t feel cakey at all like what usually happens when I put on foundation. Surprisingly, it looked natural on the skin.

The coverage of Missha is medium to full but I guess I bought the wrong shade or it probably will blend evenly on my face. I still have to try and see if it does.

I read that you have to dab loose powder and spray to get better results.


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