Dear Airphil Express

Dear Airphil Express:
We have made booking on the 3rd of May Ceb-HKG and May 7, 2013 HKG-CEB for me, my husband and my 5 year old daughter. Checked with the bank and this is already charged. I have attached my conversations with your facebook page (whoever is in-charge of your social media – Please see attached).
I have asked assistance on the 27th of December on your Facebook Page how to go about printing the e-ticket. I gave the reservation code  obviously for that person to check on your system said code. I didn’t just give her the code for nothing. I was given a prompt reply and was given instructions. Obviously, there was never any mention of the term ‘unticketed’ only to head on over to another website, to print itinerary. I wasn’t concerned of any cancellation since that person never mentioned of cancellations or what not. I gave the code and  there wasn’t any remarks referring  to a cancellation or ‘unticketed’. The only response was to head on over to another website which I find a bit odd, and to print my itinerary there. I wasn’t told about unticketed or cancelled. Had there been any mention of that last Dec. 27th conversation, it would’ve been complained and addressed ASAP.  So it was just a matter of printing the itinerary as was prompted in that other website.
(If you want to ask for feedback re: going to another website just to print itinerary/tickets? I think it just says something about your inefficient website or booking site.
I was having difficulty figuring out how to go about printing it. It kept asking some info like reservation code and family name.I figured I’ll just ask help from one of your business centers when I get the chance.
Today, I tried asking again if it’s possible to ask help in retrieving the e-ticket and just email it to me which is easier.
I was very surprised and irked by the reply “Oh dear, it’s unticketed. Please just book again.” I replied that I have inquired  last Dec 27, 2012 seeking assistance on how to print the e-ticket and gave my RESERVATION CODE obviously for you guys to check on your system. I think that’s SOP for any airline to retrieve information, etc.
I haven’t the slightest idea what unticketed means but I was only informed of this today. Clearly, there is a problem here you have to address.
Let me be clear that The said dates cannot be changed as
(1) hotel accommodations have been arranged and paid for  
(2) bank has already charged these tickets.
(3) we are meeting up with my 61 year old in-laws on the 3rd of May, 2013 up to the 7th of May, 2013(from Riyadh to HKG) . Therefore, these dates can’t be changed.
Evidently, you have some issues with the following:
1. our booking
2. your booking system
3. your social medial person’s inefficiency and lack of courtesy (oh dear, it’s unticketed. just book again)
I spoke with one of your supervisors Ms. Charmaine Palete who was very courteous and patient. She has assured me for a call back within the day. I will wait for that important call. She did mention to make this complaint and email this to you.
I hope to hear from the management concerning my issue. Again, the dates cannot be changed. I hope this letter may help address and improve your system and your people especially the one in charge of your social media.
I do hope that what I’ve just experienced and the person responsible for your page does not represent the kind of values and service that your company promotes.
Sincerely yours,

Having a bad experience with Airphil Express today but I was promised a call back. That lady, Charmaine is very courteous. If you may have experienced the same problems, you may make a comment here so that we can help them improve their service.

If you have booked a flight with them, I highly suggest to ask the customer service rep to double-check your reservation code. In my case, I guess that person didn’t bother checking on their system.  Oh dear!


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