DIY Tissue Paper Carnations


For those of you who emailed and asked what projects I did for my daughter’s 5th birthday, here it is.

I was looking for a new idea for loot bags and here’s what I came up with.


I bought an inexpensive basket at Carbon Market for P8 each. You should be able to find it in any craft store. I stuffed it with loots and wrap it in cellophane paper. Now This looks really simple and so I thought of adding an accent so it wont look boring and so I can easily distinguish which one is for the boys and for the girls.

I thought of making my own tissue paper flowers. I don’t know if there are other tutorials online on this but this one’s what I came up with and made my own templates. You may print it in its exact size or make it a little bigger. (Please do give me a link if you’re using this and posting it on your blog).

Using pattern # 2, trace it on any colored tissue and cut as many of this as you can. This will be the petals.  For 1 carnation, I think I used about 15 of #2. Trace #1 on a cardstock and this will be the base.


Taking 1 tissue petal, fold it in half, like so.


Next, fold it again or scrunch it in the center like so. Make as many of this as you can.


Taking the circle base, glue the bottom of the petals like so. Don’t glue them tightly to each other since you’ll have to fluff them out. I think I used about 9 petals for the first outer circle.


This is how they would look like if the base was turned upside down.


make another layer (inner circle) of petals. I used 4-5 petals for this inner circle. The middle i think I used 2-3 petals. Fluff them out.


This is how they looked like when they’re done. So easy, right? I made this while watching TV 🙂 The purple ones are for the boys’ loot bags and the pink are for the girls.


PicMonkey Collage

Attach it to the wrapped basket. I used curly ribbons to tie the basket.


Here they are. Pretty! It was a hit at my daughter’s school. Her classmates were excited to get one since they can see through the loots in the basket. It looked good in pictures with the purple and pink carnations.



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