What Americans Are Reading on My Blog Today


I’ve noticed some interesting info on my blog today and yesterday. It’s my all-time high views these past two days (my little blog is fairly peaceful most days =)

Almost all of the visitors today are from the US and are reading the same post that I wrote a year ago. What are these Americans interested about? No, not my tutorials on crafts or my personal recipes which is what I get almost everyday (those two are my blog’s niche).

Americans are reading my post on Do What You Love on the first days of the New Year! Yes, it appears that on the first days of the New Year when people are trying to beat themselves up with New Years resolutions which is non-existent by the end of January (if they’re lucky, probably until mid February), some people are more interested about  truly finding their passion and wanting to go through that journey of arriving at their Aha moment.

The post is actually an excerpt on David Kanigan’s Do What You Love? In this day and age when people are stuck in the rat race, a few are slowly realizing what was never taught in school.

Please take a moment to read that post I wrote here. It just might be the best five-minute read of your life.

Here’s to wishing and hoping that one day we can actually do what we love and get paid doing it 🙂 BLISS.

to an abundant New Year 2013 for all of s. Cheers!

I remain,



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