The Hunt For The Little Black Book Is On

My annual ‘hunt-for-the-little-black-book‘ is ON. If you’ve read that post I did last year, you know it’s this time of the year I look for the notebook.

I carry a little black book in my purse. You have to read the post here to know the reasons why. Come to think of it though, my reasons are a little bit different now. Sure, I want to write my ideas for my little online shop there or some of my bucket lists, etc. That sounds really great but it seems like this year I’ve gone from happy, crafty, do-it-all mommy to happy, contented, still-trying-to-be-crafty AND REALISTIC mommy.

Why the shift? I’ve realized that work keeps me from doing a lot of the things I’ve been planning to do this year: for the little online shop and for the family. It’s really a challenge to squeeze everything in my daily schedule but I still manage.

It looks to me now that keeping all the lists makes me look like I have everything together, NOT! 🙂 Nevertheless, it helps me keep everything in a wait list sort of way. At least! The more staright-forward reason really — I have been humbled. Officially I am now admitting that I just might me getting just a little bit older. Hence, FORGETFUL! Nope, the tablets do not work for me to remind me where to go or what to buy in the groceries.

I have to see my handwriting, feel something that’s tangible. In other words, I might be the only one in this digital age tablets who still carries a little black book in my purse to jot things down every so often. When I’m lost in a bookstore and read something I want to remember, or got an idea for a jewelry or a craft I want to do, I grab my little black book and doodle something. Yes, I just might be the only human being still doing that.

Thus, my little black book is my sought-after personal year-ender event. I just made that up but if the celebrities and everyone else has some sort of year eneder events, then this is among mine, I know! (Tee Hee!).


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