Gotta love Christmas!


We had a very fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day parties. Yesterday was a blast with our neighbors and kids running all over the neighborhood. The little ones stayed up til 1 AM. Yes, 1 AM! We were having karaoke in the middle of the street. Don’t worry, the neighbors didn’t mind coz they partied with us til wee hours in the morning.

Today was our annual get-together with our relatives. We went to church first thing in the morning for the Christmas mass. Our family was in charge of the offertory and it was the best way to celebrate Christmas day with our loved ones.

We had lunch with our relatives and some cousins who came home from Netherlands. There was so much food, laughter and catching up from everybody. After lunch, everybody came to our house for coffee, desserts and more laughter and stories.

Oh, and that picture above was my daughter caught in the act! She played the whole night with some neighbors but we noticed she kept coming inside the house. We finally caught her peeking!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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