DIY Christmas Wreath


I’ve promised you guys that I will share my tutorial on how we made that huge Christmas wreath that Teacher Maritess and I made one Friday afternoon. Here it is!



You will need:

  • full-hard wire to make a 14 inch diameter circle (probably 18 gauge or thicker so long as it’s still pliable)
  • side-cutting pliers
  • lots of Christmas balls in different sizes
  • glue gun and sticks
  • nylon or ribbon

If you plan on making a bigger wreath like what Teacher Maritess and I made (picture above), you will need a (drum roll) – HULA HOOP! Yes, we used a large hula hoop behind those Christmas balls! Clever, right?

We wrapped the hula hoop with newspapers and used nylon to secure them in place.

For the smaller version (that one on my front door), I couldn’t find any small hula hoop so I used full-hard wire instead.


Using your side-cutting pliers, start by forming the wire into a circle. Take one end of the wire, make a small loop and twist to secure it.


Take the other end of the wire, make a loop (upright) and twist. This is where you’ll insert your ribbon to hang the wreath.


Using that end, loop and twist the end of the wire to the circle to secure it in place (as in procedure 1).


This is how your circle will look like. For that wreath on my front door, it’s about 14 inches in diameter.


Starting with the largest balls, attach the balls using your glue gun.


Continue putting medium-sized balls and then the smaller ones. I do it randomly. This is a very forgiving project. The key is to choose the best color combinations to get really stunning results.


Notice that I used different textures of christmas balls. Some are shiny, matte and some have sequins.


Just keep attaching balls. It may not look that much balls but when I was done with this small wreath, I can’t keep track how many balls I used. Plenty!


It’s starting to look like a wreath now.


Here’s my finished project! You can do it in an hour! Super quick and easy.


What do you think?

If you’re making this project please use a small hula hoop if you can find one. I think it looks fuller with the hula hoop.

Please give me a pingback if you’re using my tutorial and share some pictures. If you have questions, please email me

Happy crafting!


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