Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012 Awarding Night

I was checking some emails and order forms and I got a nice surprise. You know, the kind of email that makes you sit up straight and breathe deep before you hit the enter button.

No, i didn’t win a Go! fabric Cutter nor did I win a trip to Tuscany (in my dreams).

But I did get an invite for the Best Cebu Blog Awards 2012 – Awarding Night this Sunday.

To my dear friends and family (the handful) who knew that I was among those nominated for the Best Cebu Blogs 2012, this is it. Come Sunday, December 9, 2012,  Seven Niche Winners and Top 10 Famous Cebu Bloggers will be acknowledged and named as this year’s Best Cebu Blogs Awardees 2012. The awarding ceremony will be held at Insular Square Mall, Mandaue City with a full support of Globe Telecommunications and, the country’s number one online shop.

No, I will not prepare any speeches as mentioned in the email in case I will win. Fat chance! Unless they have any Craft Niche, hahaha. So I will just be lurking on the sides my dear friends. Being acknowledged as among the TOP 30 Best Cebu Blogs of 2012 puts a smile on my face already. I’m going to hand it to the younger and more active bloggers of Cebu. This to me is a celebration already of everything that spells passion, forward-thinkers and everything Cebu.

So, thank you dear followers especially from the US who are my number 1 readers daily (more than the Philippines ironically) who check on my tutorials and personal recipes. It just warms my heart that I get to have new friends and followers who share my passion about crafts and who puts up with my failed attempts and kitchen mishaps.

This year’s awarding night venue partner is no other than Insular Square, a lifestyle center nestled conveniently right along Mandaue National Highway.

This event is made possible by and the official sponsors:f
Globe 3D PositiveInsular Square MandaueMULTIPLY LOGODiamond_FULL_DSR_LOGO (1)GT LOGO with tagOrange BrutusTimex Philippinesbuddies logoGeiserMaclang(again#1B1DA29Starbuckschoi logo verticalheart tea logoprworks logo with websiteCebu-Blogger-Societys-updated-logo-300x107EPC Logoalvin_asayas


5 thoughts on “Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012 Awarding Night

      • By “a while back”, I meant a month or so ago..hehehe.. Good Luck nevertheless and congratulations on being nominated! =)


      • Thank you. Really ‘ppreciate that. The awarding is scheduled tomorrow. But my award is here. When I get a comment or emails asking me or thanking me for a tutorial or recipe I shared is the best award by far. Thank you for reading my posts!


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