Tymad Bistro: A Gastronomic Delight


photo courtesy of Tymad Bistro

When you just want to indulge your palette in something out of the ordinary and will make you want to linger and want for more, Tymad Bistro is the go-to place for me and the husband. Forgive this slow woman for taking forever to do a post but this is long overdue. However, for you guys who haven’t heard of this restaurant, then read on.

Finally a place with real and authentic croissants, mille-feuilles, crepes and galletes Tymad Bistro is a French Restaurant owned by  french Chef Philippe Estienne. We have dined at Tymad many times with friends and I always see him sipping a cup of espresso and when you start ordering, you see him walk to his open kitchen and he makes magic there. No, I’m not exaggerating but you have to try and experience dining there and you will see crepes in a different way. A heavenly sort of way.


As soon as you enter this cozy little restaurant right at Maria Luisa Rd., you are greeted by the breads and desserts that are always calling to me. Yes, they call to me, “EAT”. I muster enough strength and restrain myself. At times, I can’t. I ask for a macaroon, or two.


This is real, authentic french macaroons made by Philippe’s friend (will do a different post on these french macaroons too). My favorites are the ones with grand marnier, vanilla and Choco mint.

You may think this place is just serving desserts and croissants. You have to ask the menu for their main dishes and I promise it will be a gastronomic treat. Our favorite is easily the Filet Mignon de Porc Au Poivre (P380). It’s pork tenderloin in pepper sauce and  brandy flambée. Yes, you will see him do the flambée since they have an open kitchen.

It comes with your choice of potato gratin, rice or fries. The husband chose Potato Gratin that is baked potato in cream and milk or was it butter. Just a suggestion: do away with the rice if you can help it and try this potato gratin. It’s buttery but light and really compliments the Filet Mignon. It also comes with another side dish, the Tomatoes Provençal that really brings out the flavor of the pork tenderloin. It’s made with butter, shallots, croutons…I’m trying to recall now what’s in there but I guess your usual tomatoes Provencal recipe which really goes well with the dish.

If you aren’t that hungry to try their main dishes, they also have an assortment of sandwiches. I’ve tried their Jambon Fromage which is a homemade bread with farm ham, carabao cheese, black olives, vinaigrette  dressing and green salad. I love how that carabao cheese melts in my mouth. The black olives are always my favorite so throw it with farm ham and carabao cheese, I’m all good. Forgive my ignorance but isn’t carabao, buffalo? Therefore, is this fresh buffalo mozzarella or is this different? I wonder where they get their cheese here in Cebu?

The more popular desserts to try are their great assortment of sweet and savory crepes. They take crepes to a whole new level of gastronomic delight. Their crepes are not your usual white crepes that leave you feeling bloated and guilty after eating.

The Galletes at Tymad are savoury crepes made from buckwheat flour. This is good not only for us with a sweet tooth but a good choice for the health conscious. I’ve gathered that they add some milk butter and eggs which explains the distinct texture, color and flavor to this kind of crêpe. Even just the crepes alone is already very flavorful. The husband agrees.

Their Crepes Sucrees or the sweet crepes are the more popular ones. You have to try Paradise (P240). It’s got mangoes, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This is our favorite and the first time we tried this sweet crêpe, I literally froze, eyes wide open and my mouth was singing with flavor. hahaha! No, don’t take my word for it. Try it first and tell me what you think. It can very well be good for two people unless of course you want it all to yourself. I can’t blame you.


Another must-try is the Crepe Au Nutella (P165). The warm crêpe with nutella is hands-down our daughter’s favorite as well. Add vanilla ice cream that melts with the warm crêpe is just heaven on a plate.

Another must-try for those of you who want to taste a traditional french pastry is the mille feuilles (P140). Also known as Napoleon, this literally means thousand sheets in french. It’s three layers of crispy puff pastry with cream or custard-like cream in between. I’ve tried this in the States and I must say this is as good or better than I’ve tried. Some Mille Feuilles in the US have zebra stripes on top but actually the more traditional ones don’t have those zebra stripes. This I was told is closer to home.

If you’re lucky, they have them at half-off when it’s a day old or something. It’s still really good but probably not as crispy as you want the puff pastry to be.

Clearly, dining at Tymad Bistro is a true gastronomic delight.

Tymad Bistro is located at Maria Luisa Rd.Call them at 239-7385. tell them Marryl recommended you 🙂


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