Italian Buffet at The Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu: Amazing CIBO Thursdays

This November 25th, our little princess will turn 5 and hubby and I will turn 6. Yes, our daughter was born on our first wedding anniversary. How about that?

The husband told me we will have an early anniversary celebration and that it will be something we’ll both indulge ourselves in. He was talking about an Italian Dinner buffet at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu.

Amazing CIBO Thursdays is an Italian lunch and dinner buffet at The Feria.

They had an amazing selection of antipasti, salads, cold cuts, freshly baked pizza, calzone, pasta, savory dishes and the desserts. How does home-made gelato sound?

Most Cebuanos probably associate Italian food with pizza and pasta. To me, it’s also about antipasti, cheeses, salads and desserts.

They did not disappoint. As soon as we went inside The Feria, we were greeted by the antipasti bar.

These mixed olives were calling to me. I love, love olives! Pitted or not, green or black or purple. It sings in my mouth. Did I tell you I have a love affair with Italian food?

They had an assortment of cold cuts and Italian breads too.

I was looking for my favorite antipasti, Caprese Salad, and they had them on another antipasti spread together with bruschetta. Yes, a spread of antipasti goodness. If you’re familiar with really good Caprese Salad and you’re a self-proclaimed food critic like me, then you know that it uses fresh Buffalo Mozzarella which I think wasn’t what they had. Caprese Salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella literally melts in your mouth. If you don’t fancy Italian appetizers, then the Caprese will convert you. I kid you not! I can understand however that they weren’t able to use fresh mozzarella since fresh Buffalo mozzarella is not available in Cebu. I still appreciate though  that they tried to stay as authentic with the dishes as best they could.  Italian Buffet is not complete without the Caprese. I still make the best Caprese, though 🙂

Next to the antipasti were the assortment of cheeses. Yes they had a good choice from gorgonzola, parmigiano regiano, provolone..That’s what they looked like to me or probably I was just imagining.

Next to the salads and cheeses are the pasta and pizza. Since I cook pasta, I knew which ones I wanted to try. Not the Carbonara nor the Arabiata. Why would you want to eat those if you can have them any other day.

You should try the zucchini and salmon pizza, the prosciutto and ricotta calzone, the four cheese pizzato and the gnocchi. Also, there’s that lasagne pesto something that was good. I was hoping they would have a  “make-your-own-pasta” section  like that of Marco Polo where I always make my Shrimp and Basil Pasta. Throw in lots of onions, garlic, olives,  zucchini, eggplant, carrots, shrimps, basil and diced tomatoes..aahhh! That would’ve been nice.

They had savory dishes as well. This is the Seared Fish Fillet with Pinot Grigio and Fennel Sauce.

That one is the Beef Meatball with Tomato Ragout and Saffron Rice.

For those  who just have to have their rice fix, the Chinese buffet is still serving well-loved chinese dishes from your all time favorite fried rice, dim sum to noodles.

To me, desserts always come first and the desert station was a hit that night with home-made gelato (Praline is a must try!), to the Tiramisu and Napoleon to the make-your-own crepes.

Hot crepes with cold vanilla and praline gelato topped with nuts. The husband made that. Yum, yum!

The Napoleon was good.  I even got to chit-chat with their pastry Chef Joshua (was it) who was very friendly.

The staff at The Radisson Blu were friendly as always except for that one lady who told me to stop taking pictures. I didn’t hear what she said but I just got a little pissed. That explains why I wasn’t able to take more pictures. Some guys from another table were taking pictures but she didn’t say anything to them. Hmmm. That’s the only thing that kinda ruined my dining experience last week at The Feria but I still say you head on to that great Italian Buffet at The Radisson.

The best part is not the awesome selection of Italian food but the price which is half -off their regular buffet rate. It’s only P530 nett per person. Head on to The Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu and indulge in an amazing assortment of great Italian food.

p.s. You have to call them and make reservations. It was packed when we went there last Thrusday.


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