After Two Years, My Macbook Pro Died

I was tinkering with my laptop after lunch. After about five minutes into reading some emails and checking some orders, the screen suddenly turned dark grey on top and that dark cloud was moving slowly moving  to the bottom and at that exact moment I knew something was wrong. Do you know that moment when there’s a solar eclipse and slowly the sky turns dark? Sorry for the terrible comparison but that’s how it was.

When the entire screen turned dark grey, it suddenly died –a natural death. Oh how I felt terrible. I have not backed-up my files! A lot of pictures were in my Macbook Pro: important files for my little online shop; lesson plans, journals, posts for my blog that I haven’t posted…Aaarrgh!

In this day and age when terabyte-capacity external hard drives have become available and affordable, there is no excuse for me not to have backed-up my files. I did not, for the life of me, made any effort to do that.

I have never had a computer die on me before. My Macbook Pro has been my dear friend for two years, even if the switch from Windows to Mac was a bit challenging at first. When I did get the hang of the Mac, it was my BFF (best friend forever). And I thought it will remain that way. It failed me today. No hint whatsoever that it will die on me like this — and after two years? Forgive my ignorance, but are  Macbook Pro’s only good for two years? Is that the reason why the Apple Care Protection Plan covers three years? Hmmm…


Good thing I purchased the Apple Care. I think I paid an additional $229 for the Protection Plan. I purchased my Macbook Pro at Towson Town Center in Maryland back in April 2010. I’m now back in Cebu, Philippines and to be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure if the authorized service center here in my area can do a good job fixing it (or take good care of my BFF) 😦

I didn’t waste any time, I brought it to their Service Center in Mandaue City and I was told that it may take 3 weeks since they will be ordering the hard drive from Singapore. I thought I was beginning to hear things but did they say three weeks? That long for Apple here in the Philippines to fix my Macbook? Just terrible. Those two guys at Apple Service Center did assure me that they will try to fix it the soonest. I just hope they don’t  return it to me with scratches or dents. I hear they’re notorious for that. If they return it to me with scratches, they better replace it!

Clearly there is a lesson for all of us computer-dependent people in this age of social media, pinners and bloggers of the world: back-up your files NOW!

To the geniuses at Apple, was the Macbook Pro designed to last for just two years? Tsk, tsk, tsk!


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