DIY Baby Headband

Here’s a baby headband I made last week. I was taking out my yards and yards of Felt fabric, sorting them out for the DIY Kits and FELT Fabrics I’ve been working on. Yes, DIY kits and FELT Fabrics! I just love how that sounds! This is what I was telling you that got me pretty excited. It will be available soon on my little online shop (hopefully before the year ends), haha!

When I take out my Felt stash, I can’t help but create something. There is something about this material that makes you want to make something and almost always, one can create something really pretty. I promise!

I have a lot of small pieces of felt scraps and thought I’d make really small felt flowers for a baby’s headband. The felt flowers are barely an inch in diameter. Here’s my tutorial that you can use. Just adjust the size of the circle fabric to maybe 2 inches or smaller. Attach it to an elastic and you will have the cutest headbands for your little bundle of joy.

If you’re making this, please do give me a pingback and show me some pictures.

Happy crafting!

If you’re from Cebu and want these gorgeous baby headbands, please check out my Facebook page Marryl & Lauren as this will be available pretty soon. Thanks!


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