Of Dreams And A Red Braided Suede Bracelet

I haven’t been doing a good job posting my craft projects that I did recently. I’ve been down with the flu and have been swamped with paper works so many pictures to upload. I told you I’m really bad with uploading pictures, it takes me forever to upload.

The husband and I have been sharing a lot of stories about our plans and ideas, mostly mine, haha. Ever since I started this blog, it has allowed me to continue what I started last 2007 at Multiply.com. To keep me busy while on a five-month bed rest on my pregnancy with Lauren, I started a little blog which was my playground for my crafts and cooking. It all started there and I have been crafting ever since. I had to literally stop crafting when I worked in the US. Now, I am slowly reviving that passion for crafts and cooking.

I had another Aha! Moment recently and it is so liberating to be able to arrive at such self-discovery! But the big question now is how to translate that Aha! moment to reality.

Everything is all up in the air in as far as my plans for the little online shop is concerned. It has been that way for the longest time now. I teach in the mornings, thus I cannot seem to go all the way in as far as my little shop is concerned. I guess it will remain that way for now. However, I seem to be in a very fortunate place to be able to do what I love which is teaching little ones in the mornings and do crafts, take care of my little online shop and my  princess in the afternoons. Didn’t I tell you I have one of the best jobs in the world?

I have something that I’m pretty excited but still, it’s in the works. I wish I had more time to prepare for it but I will let you know when everything’s done.

Meantime, that picture above is what I did last week inspired by the Pink Braided Suede Bracelet that got me featured at Tipnut.com. Click here for my tutorial.

You all have a great week ahead of you! Here’s to living our dreams and passion.


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