Top 30 Best Cebu Blogs 2012!

I’ve been nominated and qualified to be among the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012. Thanks to those who nominated and voted for me. * happy dance*

To be recognized and be among the Top 30 already puts a smile on my face. Like what I mentioned in my about page, this blog is primarily intended for my four-year old daughter (when she is old-enough to to surf. For now, StarFall will do) but if I am able to inspire other women and mothers out there to discover their creativity with my Craft tutorials or my kitchen mishaps, then by all means let this be an inspiration (just please give me a pingback and due credit).

I believe the Awards is by popularity vote so that is it for me, hahaha! Still, if you want to show your support for me, you may go ahead and vote by clicking this link and do 2 things: 1. hit LIKE on nominee #18 (Marryl Erojo, that’s me) and 2. LIKE the Page. Here’s the link: Marryl Erojo Nominee #18

Thanks to all of you for all the emails. I get all sorts of queries about crafts, where I buy my craft supplies or stuffs that I do. I may be slacking with my posts because work or my little online shop gets the better of me but still I want you to know how good it makes me feel to have followers and even new visitors from all over the world or in my little corner of the world, my CEBU.

Again, thank you guys!


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