Blog Stats That Are Slower Than The Infrastructure Development in My Country

I was checking on my blog stats today and got a nice surprise. It was unusually busy. Yes, unusual for me because I know there is just a handful of my friends and family who diligently check on my posts (Hey, what are friends and family for, right?).

Today, I got so many visitors from the US. For a second there I breathed and thought I might have been freshly pressed! Inconceivable!  I breathed deeper…but, No. That freshly-pressed-honor-roll of blogs have been too elusive. Delusional? Maybe. I figured unless I get myself a Canon 5D (my Christmas wish from Santa Claus but is way too expensive here in the Philippines) and post really beautiful pictures that is Pinterest-worthy,  I may never ever be featured. Ever! Nor am I gifted with words that will make a reader smile or laugh at the computer screen because he read something amusing like what the husband does when he’s checking on The Daily What.

I have none of those. But what I did get today was a ping back from that featured my tutorial on DIY Braided Suede Bracelet.

I did the happy dance!

I love doing crafts now more than ever. Even with many failed projects, I still want to keep making. Hey, with blog stats slower than the infrastructure development in this country, nobody would mind my failed projects. Heck, no one seems to be reading anyway.  This blog was meant for my four-year-old daughter anyway. Well, when she’s old enough to surf the internet. For now, she is limited to StarFall. The few handful and loyal followers are my treasures though!

Being featured under’s DIY & Crafts category is enough reason for me to just keep on. As long as I am able to inspire someone out there to discover their creativity, I can take that even without the elusive FP 🙂


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