Blue and Fuchsia Wedding Cord + Matching Rosary

Here are some picture’s of the wedding cord with a matching rosary that I made for a client based in Australia. Their wedding colors were dark blue and fuchsia. This is a special cord since I it’s another one of my firsts. I used crystals, stone chips, rhinestone and Pandora crystal balls.

A trademark for my wedding cords is that the center or tail of the wedding cord are detachable and can be used for other purposes. Most wedding accessories end up in your treasure chests and is long forgotten. I thought of the idea to make use of certain parts of my handmade creations to be useful and practical. This particular wedding cord’s tail can be detached and used as a beautiful bag charm. This is a beautiful reminder of your wedding day and you can take this with you anywhere.

I used Pandora balls in dark blue, silver and fuchsia accented with the couple’s initials in rhinestone. These crystals didn’t come cheap. But, I don’t scrimp on the materials I use.

The connector with rhinestones. I also used some stone chips which added a nice surprise texture to the usual oval or round crystals. I think those teardrop crystals are just gorgeous.


The bride also requested for a matching rosary. I used teeny tiny crystals and fresh water pearls. I used a rhinestone cross for this.

These orders took a bit of time to complete since my other supplies took longer to deliver. Nevertheless, I think this is just gorgeous, isn’t it?

All of my creations are handmade, therefore, No two items are alike. That’s the beauty of handmade.

Please do visit our site Marryl & Lauren for more wedding essentials and handmade creations.

P.S. To Roue and Ilyne, may you have the most memorable wedding day on the 26th. Thanks for making me part of your wedding. I definitely enjoyed making these for you. Thanks also to Khendi of Wedding Errands Cebu for facilitating their order.


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