Anzani, Cebu

This is long overdue, I’m so sorry guys but this should’ve been posted last year. I know, I’m sorry. I told you this slow woman takes forever to type and upload pictures.

But this is worth the wait.

Anzani is one of Cebu’s best restaurants. Hubby and I agree. That’s for sure! One evening, my friends (high school friends and up to this day we are still together! yes!)  and my husband agreed to try this posh restaurant up in Nivel Hills. We heard a lot of good things about it but the best thing that really made me want to try this restaurant is that it offers Mediterranean cuisine. Anything that says olives and cheese is music to my ears.


We made reservations for six people – recommended. The place greets you  with this elegant ambience. They have a wine cellar, Chandelier Private room (if you prefer to have a private dinner) and they have one of the best veranda’s where you can just watch the city lights in Cebu and have some cocktails while waiting for your guests or dinner to be served.

Dinner at Anzani starts with a selection of freshly baked bread served in this individual terracotta pots. Yes, tiny pots. I tell you, their plating will not disappoint you. They have three selections of these interesting-looking bread that comes with also three dipping sauces. I chose the tomato bread. I can’t recall now but i think the other one was olive bread. The bread and the dipping sauces will wake up your palate. This is by the way on the house so that’s a good sign for more delish dishes coming our way.

These were the dipping sauces for the bread: some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and tomato.

Although these were on the house, we wanted to try their appetizers on the menu. We had Caprese or Buffalo Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato On Croute With Olive Tapenade And Young Salad Leaves. This is at P420.00 This was something I definitely had to have since I love Caprese. The sound of fresh buffalo mozzarella was enough to make me try it. I wonder where they get fresh buffalo mozzarella…

We decided to try  their Shaves Of Parma Ham Flatbread ( P420). It’s got Prosciutto, Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce and Fresh Arugula Leaves.  I may not be Italian but prosciutto and arugula on a bread or any crust is just perfection! For a second there  (I think I really did) close my eyes and just savored this pizza perfection.

We also tried Anzani’s Defile of Meze/appetizers Samplers (Per Piece) P75 served from the tray.

My friend Lisette had their Fish n’ Chips. It’s Cream Dory fillet on potato wedges and Tartar Sauce P395.My husband loved it since he just likes Fish and Chips so much.

My friend Agnes had their Pork chops. It was a hit! I forgot how much it was but it was a winner!

Panfry herb Crusted Cream Dory Triangles Fillet (Oven Baked Rainbow Vegetables, lemon Cream Sauce) – P590. We enjoyed this very much!

I wanted to try their Australian Beef Rib Eye. It was one of the more expensive dishes in their menu but  we wanted to try it. It was cooked right and tasted so good with my buttered vegetables.

My husband had Mixed Seafood Vongole Spaghetti (Red Marinara, Baked In Parchment Paper). He wasn’t that impressed with this dish. I’d have to agree. It  didn’t have a generous serving of seafood in it and the marinara sauce could have used a little bit of salt. If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that my husband and I know our Italian dishes enough that we try to make it at home by using fresh ingredients especially seafood. And we don’t scrimp 🙂

My OB-Gyn, and my friend Angela had Penne Pasta Arrabbiata with Eggplant Chips, Spicy Sun Dried Tomato And Basil. She wasn’t a fan either. Sorry.

We decided to have dessert in the veranda. It’s gorgeous outside when the night sky is clear and you can just watch the lights. We tried their Anzani Tiramisu (P290.00) with Cinnamon Mascarpone Cream, Almond Espresso Liqueur, Dry Dates and “Savoiardi”. We also ordered Grand Marnier Souffle which takes 20 minutes preparation (P290). This is served with fresh Orange salad and Pumpkin ice cream.

At their wine cellar with my good friends.

Here’s to good company and good food!


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