An Early Christmas Greeting And A Puso Wedding Boutonniere

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Hello everybody! It’s a weekend and I am enjoying the afternoon sun outside (in my little herb garden) with my daughter, Lauren. Just relaxing and spending great quality time with her, with my bead stash orders that finally arrived (for what seemed like forever, whew!) and Christmas songs blasting off from the house. Yes, Christmas songs!

Too early? Nope. Not at all! In this little corner of my universe – here in the Philippines, we start our Christmas countdown as early as September. Yes, we look forward to Christmas alright! Christmas means, Misa de Gallo, never-ending parties, family reunions and great food! No, wait – Binge-eating! More importantly, Christmas for Filipinos means being with family and loved ones.

I guess that’s probably why we love the Christmas holidays because we get to spend time with our loved ones. I am looking forward to the Christmas activities we have planned for the three of us. My daughter is four years old and has really learned to appreciate the family traditions we have in our little family of three.

In fact, the first family tradition has been ticked off the list.

The Christmas Tree is up! Yes! hahaha! I know!

The other decorations are still in the boxes but this one is on the my console table already.

I’ll keep you posted on my Christmas Countdown Calendar once it’s done.

Aside from Christmas, the other thing that gets me really excited are Weddings. It’s another event that really makes me feel happy and I love doing handmade things for not-your-usual-weddings. For bride and grooms who wish to make their wedding day extra special.

In my little online shop Marryl & Lauren, I make handmade creations for weddings.

This is a wedding boutonniere that I made for a client from Surigao. The groom-to-be is from Cebu and requested for this Puso boutonniere.

This is a really tiny puso boutonniere, barely two inches in diameter. Puso, for those of you who are wondering, is distinctly Cebuano food. It is referred to as hanging rice. It’s actually cooked rice wrapped in woven young coconut leaves that forms a triangular shape.

Since puso is distinctly from Cebu, I thought of making a Statement Boutonniere for Ms. Remelyn’s groom from Cebu (minus the cooked rice, of course 🙂 )

I accented the puso with a dark blue ribbon flower and rhinestones.

P.S. Best wishes to Remelyn and her groom-to-be.


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