I Fell In Love With Chicago!

I never thought I would say this about a place but I fell in love with Chicago! It’s architecture, its food and a whole lot more that is worth experiencing in this city.

I realized that I haven’t really posted much on the places I’ve been to in the US when I was there. I guess work was catching up on me and the little online shop is getting , well, busier (thanks to those brides-to-be from my corner of the world for letting me make these lovely DIY handmade creations at Marryl & Lauren).

I thought I might start posting some pictures starting off with the place I fell in love with – Chicago!

It’s vibrant and has a different feel depending on the season. I have pictures and some from my brother’s. Chicago is beautiful during Fall and Winter.

That’s me with my younger brothers on a totally different season, cold  but still gorgeous Chicago!


2 thoughts on “I Fell In Love With Chicago!

    • That is Chicago’s famous Deep Dish Pizza. Probably almost 2 inches thick of meat and cheeses. I can hardly finish 1 slice!


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