Article VI of the Philippine Constitution

No, I’m not a lawyer but my husband is in law school and he has been reading tons of books. Wait. That’s an understatement! He is buried in books, all the time. Even when he’s driving he’s still studying. No wonder I didn’t fancy law school, hahaha! (I mean that part where I need to memorize and memorize). But i would definitely want to go to law school if my brain permits me. Remember, I am forever the student!

You may ask how he could possibly drive and study at the same time? The answer is your iphone! He asks me to read and record his lessons there. Surprisingly, the Iphone has really good voice recording (it actually picked up even the sound of an airplane passing by!).

Very recently, my husband was studying Article VI of the Philippine Constitution and asked me to read and record the entire article from Sections 1-32.

I thought there’s lots of you would-be lawyers out there and like my husband, are buried in books all the time. I bet you (just between you and me, that these laws, articles, juris prudence and what have you, haunts them even in their sleep 🙂

If you don’t happen to have your books with you and maybe driving and still want to be familiar (or memorize) this Article VI, checkout my recordings on my YouTube. Just click on that link above and view it there. You will be taken to the different recordings I made. I hope this is a big help to you.

p.s. Please just bear with my voice.


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