Beginner’s Bead Jewelry-Making Class in Cebu!

How’s everyone? I’m sorry I’ve been away too long. Something is really keeping me busy and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s about two things I love doing: Teaching and Crafts.

For the longest time, I’ve been sharing my love for doing crafts to friends and colleagues. In Baltimore, I used to share this passion particularly with bead jewelry-making to some of my friends at Garrett Heights especially to Lil and Ms. Morgan and I know  they’re still sharing this passion with me on handmade creations even if I’m miles away from Baltimore and Michael’s stores, hahaha!

Now, I’m sharing this passion to other crafters in Cebu ( I hope there’s a handful of you out there):) Finally! I’m actually doing it for strangers, hahaha!

I always say that Life’s too short. Take up a new Hobby. Why not try Bead Jewelry-making. Yes, why not make your own fashion accessories?

Next month,we’re kicking off with my Arts & Crafts Classes with Beginners Bead Jewelry-Making Class on the 28th. Yes, I could actually kick myself now and still think this isn’t happening but I’m really doing it. Whether there’s just me and my assistant (I hope not), hahaha!

For those of you from Cebu, please tell your friends about this class and other Arts and Crafts classes we’re offering at

Let’s get crafty, Cebu!

p.s. If you’re from Cebu, I’d appreciate it if you can tell your friends about our classes. Thanks!


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