Vintage Rustic-inspired Moss Ring Pillow

I couldn’t be more excited when I got an email from a follower a couple of weeks ago asking if I could do a rustic/country-inspired moss wedding ring pillow. I said yes in a heartbeat.

I’ve done one like this last year but had a ‘not so inspiring experience’ with the client and I figured it didn’t deserve any space here in my blog so that’s the history of me and moss wedding ring pillows, haha!.

But this time, I was very excited (too excited was more like it) and very inspired to make this. The bride-to-be just asked me to make a unique wedding ring pillow that is vintage-inspired and for an outdoor wedding.

Nothing says outdoors like this ring pillow, right?

I used jute twine to add to the rustic look. Since it was a wedding, I thought it’d be cute to add these teeny tiny kissing birds which were barely an inch in size. I also added some handmade items that I’ve made a week ago like the paper flower, the paper heart twine and the felt flower which added character to the moss ring pillow.

I hope the bride and groom will love this unique wedding ring pillow (will ship this tomorrow) that I made especially for them. I definitely enjoyed making it!

Love, love, love!

p.s. Please visit my little online shop Marryl & Lauren for DIY wedding essentials and everything Handmade.


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