Why my knees got weak at the Ironman Philippines 2012

I am sunburned all over and feeling completely spent after spending the entire morning out under the sun with no sunblock, no cap, nada! I wasn’t prepared and we thought it would just be an hour or two of jogging and maybe take a glimpse of the event but if you knew me you know I wouldn’t let this pass.

Nearly 1,400 professional triathletes from 31 countries including former Formula One world champion and current Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Jenson Button participated in the 2012 Ironman 70.3 Philippines which was held early this morning here in Cebu.

Yes, Ironman in Cebu!  Who in her right mind would let this big event pass? Why would I prefer to curl in my bed on a Sunday morning instead of watching and cheering for the Ironman participants? Why would I do just that?

No, I am no triathlete  and No I am not even athletic or sporty. I wish I am. I have succumbed to the loud whispers in my head telling me to start being active “Pay now or Pay later. Pay now or pay later!” Now, I am struggling to pull myself together and be active. This event is what I needed, I told myself. I just had to be there considering it was in Cebu.

It didn’t matter that I am now suffering from sunburn or that I look like a starfish left out on the beach to dry (aarrgghh!).

Seeing all those triathletes was enough inspiration for me and hoping it won’t fade and become a blurred memory by the end of August.

Of all those who participated, this woman, was my reason to be screaming and braving the heat. She’s Senator Pia Cayetano of the Philippines. I’ve admired her during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona and her sponsorship of the RH Bill which has caused a stir in the church and the Filipinos ( because most of them are absurdly misinformed and chose to stay that way. I say, educate everybody and my beloved Pilipinas can slowly move forward in case everybody does not realize it that we are fifty years behind the other nations, duh?!).

Sure, she’s a great lawyer and a senator but yours truly, the slow woman that I am who is hardly watching television anymore (I know what you’re thinking but if some people have chosen to be vegetarians, I too have chosen to abstain from watching TV except cooking and travel shows) haven’t the slightest idea that she is a triathlete and when I saw her there on her bike, I just screamed and called her like a fan 🙂 . I admire women who are good at what they do and are also passionate about other things as well. I was on the ML Quezon highway in Lapu-Lapu then on to the Marcelo Fernan Bridge with my husband when we saw her along with some other familiar celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Anthony Pangilinan and Tessa Valdes.

This is Tessa Valdes, a celebrity well-known for her colorful and fashion sense and she lived up to her name alright! She wore a hot pink tutu and she rocked it! I admire that about her. She is someone very true to herself.

Never knew that Tessa Valdez is a triathlete but she lived up to her name – the only triathlete in a hot pink tutu and she rocked it.


This is celebrity Piolo Pascual, well-loved by everybody. Call me old-fashioned or probably out of touch or more like a snob but I just don’t have any inkling whatsoever with soap opera celebrities. No I am by no means a hater but I’m just not glued to the TV set at primetime watching soaps that is talked about in the workplace everyday. I just don’t get it. But when I saw Piolo out there, I told myself that God must’ve spent a little more time on him because by golly he is a sight to behold! and he wasn’t alone out there. There were MEN, very athletic and all sweaty, hahaha!

I guess I am just a woman and like many women, my knees get weak at the sight of good-looking men, all-sweaty and still looking good, hahaha!

Seriously, every triathlete out on the streets that morning were champions in their own right. I have to remember this day, and remember the thousands who participated and were very passionate about what they love doing. Those faces should be enough to push me: “Pay NOW or Pay later.”

p.s. will update and upload more pictures later today. I feel completely spent and all sunburned but it was all worth waking up so early on a Sunday morning like this.


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