{ DIY Braided Suede Bracelet }

This blog has been my playground for my kitchen mishaps and DIY/Crafts (and failed attempts!).

This tutorial I’d like to share with you is not at all a mishap (thank goodness!).

It’s  Braided Suede Cord Bracelet  with fresh water pearls and charms that you can easily find in your local craft store.

This is really quick and simple to make, probably 15-20 minutes tops. I took longer since I had to take photos so I can share this tutorial with you. Yes, I’ve thought about you my dear readers that I took step-by-step photos  to walk you through the entire procedure (grin! * curtsey * curtsey*).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 strands of 8 inches suede cord
  • pearls (I used fresh water pearls since it’s so much better than using plastic pearls)
  • charms
  • lobster lock
  • jump rings or extender chains
  • tape or if you have a clipboard, that will work so much better
  • scissors

First, take 3 strands of suede cord about 8 inches in length each. In one suede cord, insert the jump ring or extender chain like so.

Tie the 3 strands of suede cord together making sure the jump ring is inside the knot.

Use tape to secure the suede cord in place.

A clipboard works well for this too.

Braid the suede cords. I prefer mine not too tight.

Add the pearls and charms to any strand as you go. It doesn’t really matter where and when you will add the charms. This jewelry is very forgiving as you can even adjust your braiding and the charms you add.

About 2-3 inches to the end of the cord, insert a lobster lock and tie a knot, making sure the lock is inside the knot.

Tada! Braided Suede Bracelet with Pearls and Charms. Super quick and easy to make. Yet so pretty.

Please post pictures if you’re making this. Please give me a pingback too, I’d appreciate it.

Happy Crafting! If you’re from Cebu and obviously we don’t have a craft store here (not just yet. I will hopefully have my own craft store – Marryl’s, when the universe conspires with me!). Menatime, go time my lil online shop Marryl’sArtsandCrafts for some craft supplies and classes. I offer this class too 🙂



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