Paper Boutonniere

Here’s another unique boutonniere that I’ve made for a vintage-inspired wedding. I posted it in my other blog solely dedicated to wedding ideas and inspiration. It’s a blog for my little online shop Marryl & Lauren. I make DIY wedding details like boutonnieres, cords, pillows and so much more DIY goodness. But between you and me, it’s actually my excuse to do more crafting 🙂 Please do visit my other blog and visit me on facebook. Thank you for the support!

Marryl & Lauren

Rustic or Vintage-inspired weddings are all about the details and DIY. Like what we always say here at Marry & Lauren, love is in the details and these vintage-inspired weddings spells DIY.

If you are the DIY bride and would love to have some inspiration, why don’t you try getting crafty and make these pretty paper boutonnieres for your groom and your groomsmen. They not only complement your vintage wedding but are so quick and easy to make.

You may use the Felt Flower Tutorial that I have in my other blog. It’s the same technique but instead of felt, use paper cardstock or any paper you like. You may use pages from old books or magazines to give it a rustic feel.

Please do post pictures and give me a pingback. I’d love to see your work.

Happy crafting, ladies!

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