Unique Boutonnieres

Who needs boring fresh flower boutonnieres that will just wilt? Here are unique Statement boutonnieres that you can actually have as keepsakes. Only for the stylish grooms with a sense of style and individuality.

Here are some of the boutonnieres that I’ve done for some clients recently. The more stylish the couples, the more excuse I get to do more crafting and be more creative. It’s never boring for me (Thank you guys!).

For those of you who haven’t read my post on Statement Boutonnieres, I was referring to the newest trends in weddings and it’s all about the details. I always say “Love is in the details” and it really is.

Weddings now are on vintage, DIY and picture-worthy weddings. Grooms shouldn’t be taking a backseat. If your man can rock a unique, keepsake boutonniere that makes a statement, then why not?

The flip-flops boutonniere above was for a beach-themed wedding. It’s made of Capiz shells and seed beads. Those little tiny rosettes are in the couple’s wedding colors.

This is another customized boutonniere for a stylish groom from the Philippines. I’ve added a plum fabric flower that I made that’s barely an inch in size. This cute little canoe or what we call “bangka”  is very reminiscent of the Philippines. I love how unique and how it says something about the grooms nostalgia of home, Aaawwww.

This is a peacock feather boutonniere with light pink felt rosettes as accent.

I hope you  got a few ideas to make your man feel extra special on your wedding day.

Note: check out more of these boutonnieres and the handmade wedding cords that I make at Marryl & Lauren facebook page


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