Sweet Little Things

I am no fan of cupcakes, Nope! But I bake for my four-year old daughter. Anything that’s got chocolate, she just devours it. I swear!  But the mommy doesn’t get that excited about cupcakes at all. I love making felt cupcakes, clips and all that cute felt stuff but I don’t crave for cupcakes at all. When hubby and I accidentally found this little place, it just might change my views on this unassuming little piece of heaven 🙂 Or, it may just be fleeting, hahaha!

Have I told you guys that I do have a love affair with desserts? And that I like to try new things. Thanks to the internet and TV, Cebu, too has its share of little secrets in food and new places to check out. For a real foodie and self-proclaimed food critic like me, the number of new places and interesting food choices in Cebu is definitely good news. There’s been so many we’ve checked out very recently but I guess I’m just too busy (Lazy is the operant word, I think 🙂 ) to write about them. This is one of them. One of Cebu’s little secrets : Sweet Little Things at J Block Building, Apitong St., corner Escario.

About a week ago, hubby and I wanted to check out Sprockets Cafe over at J Block Building. The food was pretty good! I didn’t bother writing a post since I didn’t bring my camera (I told you I’ve been lazy :)) Although that would’ve been something worth writing about.

While I was enjoying my Philly steak and pasta at Sprockets, I saw this signage “sweet little things” just right outside. I knew it had to do with desserts. I just had to check it out. Turns out, it was a little shop (you won’t be able to see it unless you’re like in front of it, it’s that small) that sold what looked like gourmet cupcakes like the ones I’ve tried in the US. I must admit, I got a bit excited looking at those cuppies. I had three of their best sellers to go.

This is their famous Flourless Mudpie. The husband and Bea gave it a thumbs up.  The chocolate on top just screams “eat me!” One bite into it and I can tell they’re using good quality cocoa powder or chocolate or both. It’s not too sweet which is a good thing.

This is their red velvet. If you haven’t tried this and don’t understand why the craze for such cupcakes, then this is the place to try one. It’s quite good. I can’t really say it’s the best I’ve tasted but here in Cebu, I would say it’s a must-try. You probably will jump into the red velvet craze after trying this 🙂

This one just might (might) convert me to start craving for cupcakes – Lemon Poppyseed. That hint of tangy flavor from the lemon just explodes in your mouth. What I love about gourmet cupcakes is that they are made by people who are passionate about making them and are keen on being creative. This is on top of my list. If you’re crazy about chocolates, then the mudpie is your best bet. But if you’re like me and want to try new, interesting flavors, then the Lemon Poppyseed it is!

There’s Bea enjoying the Mudpie.

I love how they’ve thought about the simple but pretty brown box for their packaging. I wonder where they ordered those? I could definitely use a personal packaging for my personalized Wedding Cords.

Note: Sweet Little Things is at J Block Building at Apitong, corner Escario St., Cebu City. You may contact them at 0922-8608600. Tell them that Marryl sent you, hahaha!


10 thoughts on “Sweet Little Things

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  2. Your little angel is so lucky. I love sweets too, to much I think. I grew up breathing desserts and all. Then came my wife who loves sweets too. My son loves chocolate cupcakes, doughnuts and brownies. Hmmm….must be genetic! Thanks for sharing a sweet and delicious post! God bless you and your family.


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