The Gold Mango Grill Experience

Today is Father’s Day and we had one of the best surprises for my husband. Don’t take my word for it, read my post and I will not disappoint you 🙂

After the blowing of candles and releasing the balloons (I told you, read the post), we decided to treat Daddy Tristan for lunch. My husband wasn’t so keen on a 30-45 minute drive to Cebu City to have lunch since he’s pretty busy reading books! Yes, and I mean lots of them. Did I tell you that he’s going to Law School? We thought it’d be practical to have lunch at that quaint little restaurant in Maribago instead. It’s just 10 minutes away and the food is delish.

There is this little restaurant in Maribago just off of Imperial Palace, give and take, a hundred meters away. I previously wrote a  post on our first two visits and how I loved its interiors and the food.

When we got to the place, we parked in front and was greeted by the security guard. It seems like Valet minus the parking. The security guard would wait on you and opens the door. He opened the door for me and for my four-year-old daughter. There is nothing better than going to a restaurant having no problems parking and having someone open doors for you. You feel like a celebrity and it’s fun! hahaha!

We were greeted by the staff and immediately lead to a private room. Yes, they have private rooms for guests who prefer to enjoy delicious food in peace 🙂

Unlike other restaurants where waiters wait on you the minute you step inside the restaurant (when you haven’t even taken your seat), demands for your order (that really irritates me!). The waiter leaves and closes the door. Another nice surprise in this restaurant is that the tables have wireless call buttons. When I used to dine in Chinese restaurants in the US, most restaurants have these call buttons and I guess it does improve efficiency.

The one thing that makes us give a restaurant a thumbs up is if they carry soda or sparkling water (San Peligrino if you want to splurge or Schweppes if you want to be paying the same amount as in Coke but minus the sugar guilt). My husband  doesn’t drink Soda anymore (I’m still trying not to) and so we prefer to have soda water instead of soda. This restaurant offers a variety of blended cocktails also.

We ordered their baked scallops at P155.00. It’s surprisingly bigger than the ones they serve in most restaurants. It tastes fresh and the flavor is wonderfully complimented by the melted cheese. Then you get that kick from the garlic. Still, what you taste is the simple goodness of the scallops ( I should be getting a bigger serving of this dish the next time I visit, wink * wink* ).

We ordered the crab rice and the lechon kawali (again) which were winners. We also tried  their Sizzling Squid, Spicy Gambas and Pancit Canton.

Hubby loves Gambas and so we tried their spicy version (P195.00). Surprisingly, the spiciness didn’t over power the dish at all.  Although it would have been better if they served more shrimps. I don’t know if it’s because shrimps can get very pricey but in most restaurants here in Cebu, Gambas are always in small servings 🙂 But the handful shrimps in this dish did not lack in taste.

Here’s our new favorite. This Pancit Canton (P180.00) I think had shiitake mushrooms which we loved. If you’re no Filipino, this is one Filipino dish you must try with plenty of vegetables and some seafood.

I am quite finicky about seafood and I wasn’t so excited about the sizzling squid. Hubby ordered this. Most restaurants that serve these are quite tough to the bite which tells me the cooks probably haven’t the slightest idea what they’re doing. But this one is soft to the bite and is full of flavor. Just look at all those vegetables they stuff in there.

I guess it was a pleasant surprise 🙂 I know I told you guys that I am the self-proclaimed food critic yet here I am, unable to acquire the taste of such seafood goodness like the squid. Why this is so is beyond me. But I will learn to love you, my little lovely, full-of-onions-tomatoes Sizzling Squid. I will. In time…

In the middle of that peace and quiet in our own little private room came their two managers who were told that we were there. Bong, the Filipino manager knew me as the one who wrote a post on their restaurant and I guess it brought in more customers for them. I can tell that by the number of viewers reading that post (Thanks wordpress for the Stats! 🙂 Audrey, the Korean manager was very gracious and expressed how much they appreciate the post I did.

All in all, dining at Gold Mango Grill & Restaurant is always a treat, a golden treat 🙂

Note: I was told they were going to have a new set of menu next week. I wish I could get an invitation and try their new dishes (*wink*wink* , we’ll see if this will give us more choices. I’ll keep you guys posted.

If you guys from Cebu want to check out this restaurant, tell them that you’ve read about it from Marryl All Write and they will surely give you the best service like what we had.

If you want me to do a review/post on a new place in Cebu, please email me at or and we’ll see if it’s worth featuring here, hahaha!




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