The Father’s Day Surprise Was Discovered Too Soon!

Last night, my four-year-old daughter and I were in her room giggling and busy writing some notes on colored paper. The room was filled with balloons. We were busy preparing our father’s Day surprise for my hubby. Bea could hardly contain herself. She was too busy counting all the balloons. She had just finished making her Father’s Day cards and was about to tell her daddy about it had I not stopped her and she just said “Oh, it’s a surprise!”, ‘Shhhhh!” I was too busy writing down reasons why we love Daddy Tristan. The surprise was to have about two dozen balloons to be placed in the dining and living room area. The balloons have “Happy Father’s Day!” on it and the other side says “Daddy Tristan, # 1 Dad!”

The door suddenly opened and guess who came in? It’s him alright! hahaha! For the life of me, I forgot to lock the door!

Oh well, hubby played along and went downstairs before the whole surprise was ruined. I did see him smiling when he closed the door.

Early this morning this was what greeted my husband. balloons all over the house that had notes on it. On the papers were reasons why we love him dearly. Some of it had prayers for my Papa, my father-in-law and all the other men in our lives.

That note says “you have farmer’s feet like Bea”. We have this joke In the house that Daddy (my hubby) and Bea both have farmer’s feet (they both have wide feet) ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s what my daughter made for her daddy.

We wrote down things that we love about my husband and Yes, that includes him snoring!

He never fails to make us laugh.

We had three cuppies: one was for my hubby and the other two were for my Papa and my father-in-law. My Papa lives in Michigan and my father-in-law is in Saudi Arabia so we’re doing this for them as well.

Aren’t they just adorable?

We thought we might release the balloons outside.

Here we go! Up, up and away!

We definitely had the best Father’s Day Surprise, didn’t we?


5 thoughts on “The Father’s Day Surprise Was Discovered Too Soon!

  1. My heart melted as I looked at the little girl, looking above the sky watching the balloons fly…up, up and away! What a treasure moment that will always be remembered. Happy Father’s Day to your husband and the fathers in your family. Your hubby looked so happy….this what love and family is all about!


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