So Easy, so Lovely Fabric Flower Tutorial

This could be the easiest, prettiest, daintiest (Ok, that’s probably too much. Let’s stick with easiest) craft you will have finished and will definitely use. I kid you not!

I got a request to do a fabric flower tutorial. I just realized I haven’t posted it here, nor have I posted any of my fabric flowers except for the Felt flowers. I did post it in my Facebook account about a year ago. Never had the time to share it with you guys, my apologies. But here it is.

You will need the following:

  • Synthetic fabric (organza works well)
  • tea light
  • scissors
  • cup for template 
  • needle and thread
  • beads 

Trace the top and bottom of the cup on to the fabric. I traced 3 small circles and 3-4 big ones and cut them. You may want to cut outside the line for some of the circles so you can have 6-7 circles in different sizes.

Optional: If you prefer the blue fabric flower, cut 5 slits about half an inch.

Using the tea light, singe or melt the fabric by holding it about an inch or two  above the flame. I keep rotating the fabric to make sure I don’t get burned and the fabric does not catch fire. Be careful when you do this as some fabrics will easily catch fire. Continue to singe all the way around.

Your circles will look like these.

Stack the singed fabrics from largest to smallest so that the smallest circle will be on top.

Sew all the circles together using a needle and thread. I added some pearl beads to the center of the flower. You may use buttons or seed beads.

Here’s the finished fabric flower. Sew easy!

I added a piece of felt and brooch pin to the back and used it to add color to my bolero shrug. What do you guys think?

As always, please do share some of your finished product. I would appreciate a ping back/ link back.

Happy crafting!


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