What’s blooming in my Garden?


Summer is almost over in our corner of the world. That means School is about to start in a week. This school year will be very interesting in this household as I will have not only one but two people going to school. That’s right! My daughter and my husband is going to school. The husband is going to law school and Bea is going to Kindergarten. The house is in full swing!

Honestly, I’m quite excited about my husband going to law school. I’m the one who enjoys going to school. I am forever the student. But hubby recently declared “I’m going to   law school”. How he’s going to manage working full-time and going to law school full-time is beyond me. But I really hope he can juggle it. I want him to live his dream, whether it’s going to be Law or whatever new passion he just discovered, I’m all for it! I should know. I’m forever the student, the self-proclaimed crafter, the self-discovery and living the passion. hahaha  🙂

We’ve been quite busy with enrollment, buying and preparing stuff for school. I’ve been also busy with some wedding cords, my sewing class and gardening.

That photo above is my sweet/bell pepper! My very first bell pepper in my little garden! If you knew me, you couldn’t imagine or think I’d be one who would even plant grass! Probably because of motherhood or the love of food that has brought me to herb gardening. My little herb garden has now turned into a small vegetable garden too.

My sweet basil has taken over the entire garden. I’ve read that you have to keep pinching off the top leaves or they will grow tall and gangly. I do that but still it’s growing tall. I can’t keep up.

I have a new addition to my garden: dill and rosemary. So far, the rosemary is doing ok. However, the dill isn’t looking so good.

When I do get the time, I will have to buy some more vermicompost in that little organic farming site initiated by the Cebu City Government and a project of baranggay Talamban in Cabancalan. I got it at P15/kilo.

Oh and by the way, while I’m at it, I did a little landscaping. I bought four topiary ball trees @ P40/each and got some ornamental plants. Planted them in a mound and covered it with Bermuda grass. I had some small garden stones/pebbles and fenced that small corner. We’ll see how this looks in a few weeks.


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