Unfinished Business: Conquering The Sewing Machine

Note: I have to tell you guys something really embarrassing I hope I don’t lose any followers by admitting this.Twentytwo years ago, back in high school we had a sewing class and were taught how to use a vintage sewing machine. At the end of the course we were to submit a Pajama. I never learned how to use the machine nor have any vivid memory if I was even paying attention at all to that class. I think I paid a classmate or somebody to make the pajama for me or I couldn’t have passed the course.

After more than twenty years, I have finally (Finally!) conquered my fear of the sewing machine. Conquer might be a bit of a strong word as the sewing machine still refuses to agree with me. I kid  you not! The first few days was just completely a struggle. I think the sewing machine has a mind of its own as it insists on sewing backwards when I have mustered all my strength to have it stitch forward. Just move forward. That’s all I’m asking..It’s just a real struggle for both of us. Why? why?

I’ve done my homework reading and threading the bobbin correctly, trying to remember how to make it work but when I finally start, it just stitches backward!

This is exactly why after twelve long years I just had to tackle this fear if you could call it that.  Being the self-proclaimed crafter that I am, this  one I have not conquered at all. I ache and envy at the same time watching some people just have this ease and rhythm using the sewing machine. They could make so many wonderful sewing projects. I just watch and suffer in silence (Sob, sob).  Conquering the sewing machine is on my Bucket List and I’ve finally said it’s time 🙂

I asked around for any sewing classes in the city. Most of it were high-speed sewing classes sponsored by the city government of Cebu like that of TESDA. You will be given a certificate after completion of a six-month course in Dress-Making. I didn’t want that. I have no plans in the future to be sewing dresses although it’d be nice to be able to do that. I just wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine for my little projects. More importantly, It’s something I just had to tackle and check off on my bucket list 🙂

I found a three-month course on Curtains and Draperies. This is what I just needed. A sewing class that’s manageable. Three months and making curtains, that shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

I spoke too soon…

In class, we use the vintage singer sewing machines (the one your great grandma used) and that’s the machine I told you about. The one that has a mind of its own. I never imagined that a self-proclaimed crafter like me could be struggling so so bad. I have to tell you that I am as of this writing at the bottom of the class. I have not finished a single curtain yet my classmates are on their 4th and 5th projects already! My teacher gives me this look as if saying this might be beyond me. I’m not exaggerating 🙂

I told my husband about my progress (or the lack of it) and he just smiled and said I probably found the very thing that is so beyond me. He was joking but simply said it shouldn’t be rocket science at all.

Good new is  yesterday I think I’m starting to find my rhythm. It feels so good to finally just concentrate on making a straight line and not worry if the ill-tempered vintage machine is going to decide to stitch backwards like what it usually does. (My teacher tells me I’m using the best machine in class and it does what its suppose). I’ll show you guys my very first attempt with curtains when it’s done. But just no close up shots or you might see the missed stitches, not locked, crooked and everything else that make me just cringe, hahaha!

But I am proud and humbled 🙂

Another item on my Bucket List checked off!

p.s. This is what’s keeping me busy lately. Sorry I haven’t said hello for a while. I hope you guys are doing great.


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